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TURN8 is a dynamic venture capital firm with a global reach, dedicated to fostering innovation and driving transformative change. Established in 2013, TURN8 brings together a diverse team of passionate serial entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and former corporate executives, united by their shared vision of challenging the status quo and thinking outside the box.

At TURN8, we serve as a vital bridge between the supply and demand for innovation, offering a unique approach to driving change in various sectors. With a portfolio managing over $500 million in enterprise value, TURN8 has a proven track record of success:

– Collaborating with over 30 corporate partners to refine their innovation and corporate venturing strategies.
– Accelerating the growth of 120 startups, leveraging our extensive network and resources.
– Investing more than $150 million in early-stage startups through innovative funding mechanisms.
– Providing comprehensive support to entrepreneurs and startups, including co-working spaces, incubation services, and access to a global network of mentors and investors.
– Organizing numerous corporate and entrepreneurial hackathons and events, fostering collaboration, creativity, and growth.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur seeking funding and support for your startup or a corporate partner looking to drive innovation within your organization, TURN8 is here to guide you on your journey to success. Join us as we continue to redefine the future of innovation and entrepreneurship.


5 reviews

5 reviews for TURN8

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