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AI Mentors

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Reviews on Listings

in our market directory, viewers share their opinion about businesses and products.


Regional Sources

sourcing data from a square of tech-active markets "Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan"


AI Mentors

providing startup founders and business owners, with instant suggestions for their ideas.


Global Rank

started @jan 2024, and flat6labs just ranked hndltech @top list of global directory startups.

{hndltech's Innovation Created W/ Two Keys}:

Collaborative Model

hndltech goes beyond just being AI platform or business directory. It’s a collaborative environment where MENA-Preneurs can build ideas, share feedback, and build a strong network. This collaborative aspect sets hndltech apart from simple listing or service provider models.

Regional Sources, World Exposure with AI Expertise:

hndltech caters specifically to square of tech-active markets “Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan”, understanding the nuances of the MENA tech scene. This focus is further strengthened by expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications, which is a rapidly growing field.

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