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Saudi Venture Capital Investment Company (SVCIC) is a leading Sharia-compliant provider of high-performance investments and value-added financial services in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region. Licensed by the Saudi Capital Market Authority (CMA), SVCIC offers a range of financial services including advising and arranging IPOs, private equity and venture capital funds, private credit, and Sukuk. Additionally, the company provides asset management and wealth management services aimed at delivering alpha generating investments to drive returns and create diversification for its investors.

Established in 2009, SVCIC operates as a closed joint stock investment company, with its paid-up capital totaling SR 62.38 million, represented by 6,238,386 shares held by a group of 29 shareholders across Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. The company’s major shareholders include SVCIC – BH, AbdulAziz Bin Ajlan Al Ajlan Son’s Company, Jeddah Commercial Investment Co. Ltd, Venture Capital Bank, Hani Abdulaziz Ahmed Saab, Fanan Investment, and Securities Group.

SVCIC’s vision is to be a leading Sharia-compliant provider of high-performance investments and financial services, while its mission is to make a positive impact on its investors and clients by delivering high-performing investments ethically. The company operates under licenses obtained from the CMA, with a clear focus on providing arranging and advisory services to its clientele.

Benefiting from the financial backing and support of prominent regional shareholders, SVCIC boasts an experienced team of industry professionals and a network of strategic partners and allies. The company offers its clients a wide range of services and investment opportunities across promising asset classes in the Saudi and MENA markets. SVCIC also has the capability to build investor consortia from its shareholder base, enhancing its ability to execute on investment opportunities effectively.

Overall, SVCIC’s commitment to Sharia-compliant investments, coupled with its expertise and network, positions it as a key player in driving investment and economic growth in Saudi Arabia and the wider MENA region.


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