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Flat6Labs emerges as a significant player in the MENA region’s venture capital landscape, showcasing a robust track record in seed and early-stage investments. With a diverse portfolio of more than 300 investments and support for over 2000 entrepreneurs, Flat6Labs has established itself as a cornerstone for startup growth and innovation in the region.

The firm’s substantial assets under management (AUM) exceeding $85 million, coupled with investments from over 25 leading institutions, speak to its credibility and market standing. By offering investment ticket sizes ranging from $50K to $500K, Flat6Labs caters to startups at various stages of their development journey, from pre-seed to pre-Series A, thereby providing crucial financial support during their critical growth phases.

Moreover, Flat6Labs’ commitment extends beyond capital investment, as evidenced by its tailored startup programs designed to address the specific needs of innovative entrepreneurs. These programs offer a comprehensive suite of support services and facilitate connections with a vast network of mentors, investors, and corporates, thereby enhancing startups’ chances of success and growth.

With its headquarters in Cairo and multiple offices across the region, Flat6Labs demonstrates a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets. The firm’s expansion plans underscore its ambition to further amplify its impact and reach across the MENA region.

The distinguished board members, including the CEO, CIO, and founders, reflect a wealth of experience and expertise that underpins Flat6Labs’ strategic direction and operational excellence. Their leadership ensures that Flat6Labs remains at the forefront of driving innovation and economic growth in the region.

Overall, Flat6Labs’ impressive track record, extensive network, and commitment to supporting startups position it as a leading force in accelerating the future of entrepreneurship and innovation in the MENA region.


4 reviews

4 reviews for Flat6Labs

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