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Crescent Enterprises, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, is a multinational company operating under four platforms: CE-Operates, CE-Invests, CE-Ventures, and CE-Creates. These platforms cover a wide range of sectors including ports and logistics, power and engineering, food & beverage, business aviation, and various verticals such as private equity, venture capital, and business incubation.

The company adopts a long-term investment and operating philosophy that prioritizes corporate governance, inclusive growth, and responsible business practices. Crescent Enterprises is committed to growing diversified global businesses that are sustainable, scalable, and profitable.

Led by CEO Badr Jafar, Crescent Enterprises aims to build a diversified group of companies that transcend geographic and cultural boundaries, emphasizing inclusive leadership, global competitiveness, and shared value for all stakeholders. Each platform within the company serves a specific purpose:

– CE-Operates focuses on spreading operational excellence and driving sustainable economic growth globally.
– CE-Invests is dedicated to driving enhanced performance and differentiated returns through long-term, impact-driven strategic investments.
– CE-Ventures empowers exceptional entrepreneurs by investing in high-growth, value-driven businesses.
– CE-Creates is committed to creating, nurturing, and scaling businesses built on strong foundations of social purpose.

Guided by core values of integrity, responsibility, and sustainability, Crescent Enterprises prioritizes diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship, responsibility, and integrity in all its activities.

The company’s governance framework ensures adherence to high governance standards at every level of its operations. Oversight is provided by the Crescent Group Board of Directors, with day-to-day activities managed by four committees and the Executive Board. These bodies monitor, review, and implement policies and programs to ensure effective governance and operational excellence.

Under the leadership of CEO Badr Jafar, Crescent Enterprises remains committed to its mission of fostering sustainable growth, innovation, and social impact while upholding the highest standards of integrity and governance.


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