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Established in 2006, ATI Investments is a prominent financial holding company based in Dubai, renowned for its vested interest in the individuals driving its businesses forward.

Operating with a dynamic and decisive investment approach, ATI Investments maintains a straightforward and efficient business model. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals from both local and international backgrounds, the company excels in identifying commercial potential and transforming it into thriving business entities. Embracing innovation, ATI Investments evaluates each opportunity based on its merit and growth potential, with a specialty in supporting start-up businesses while also investing in companies at various stages of their lifecycle.

In addition to its focus on maximizing business opportunities, ATI Investments is dedicated to providing opportunities to the wider community and supporting sustainability initiatives across its portfolio. The company seeks to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals, both regionally and globally, fostering long-term relationships built on expertise and collaboration.

With a proven track record of successful collaborations and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility, ATI Investments aims to be recognized as the leading financial holding company in the Arabian Gulf and beyond. The company’s integrated support network facilitates growth and knowledge transfer within its subsidiaries, enabling economies of scale and maintaining exceptional quality across its investment portfolio.

ATI Investments offers a comprehensive suite of support services, including industry-specific recruitment, strategic business development and counseling, and strategic marketing assistance. Leveraging its team’s managerial experience and specialized expertise, the company provides businesses with the necessary tools and insights to make informed decisions and achieve their goals effectively. Through its investment in people and commitment to empowerment, ATI Investments ensures swift and strategic decision-making, driving sustained growth and profitability across its ventures.


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