Ai hndlr

An embeddable generative AI code chain empowers you to gain more audience base, and increase your conversion rate.

Lite Code

It works whatever is your platform wordpress, shopify, wix, webflow, laravel, blogger and any tech enables you to add html code in it.

Plug &Play

do not have to work for days or hire a developer to make your ai tools, it's simple and available and updatable with new techs, style updates.

Easy Add

you just type what you want your AI tool to do and add a free private key to it (api key) and add the modified code to your website and that's it.

Free 2 Use

hndltech do not charge you any additional costs for getting and using the code, with a free customization support. Just onetime fee and thats it.

Ai hndlr starts w/ Google Gemini and will tackle many areas like; TensorFlow, Amazon Sagemaker, meta, Rasa, Keras and much more.

Current Version / Gemini+ Ai hndlr
  • Works on Any Webpage
  • Full UI Customization
  • Output Customization/Penalization
  • Multilingual Setup (90+ languages)
  • Contextual Awareness
  • Unlimited Tool Building
  • Duplicatable Source Code
  • API protection (Option)
  • Multilingual Outputs (90+ languages)
  • High Request Handling (60/minute)
  • Launch @hndlAIToolsDirectory
  • Promote @hndltech Notepad
  • Always free to use
  • Always Available Support
  • Premium Building Services
Use Cases
  • Code Generation & Review
  • Creative Brain Storming
  • Product Recommending
  • Customer Supporting
  • Custom Calculations
  • Technical Writing & Documentation
  • Personalized Fitness Coaching
  • Product Description Generation
  • Personalized Research Assistant
  • Travel Planning & Itinerary Builder
  • Research & Summarization
  • All types of Content planning
  • Question Answering
  • Explanation and Reasoning
  • Text to text Virtual Tutoring

Ready to build AI tools?

It’s Available.

Sure, here is the (English) demo:

Google Gemini offers a free API key that handle 60 request per 1 minute, which more than enough for early stage startups and small businesses. And when your audience goes beyond this free limit, google will notify you to offer pay-as-you-go payment plan.

Sure, you can do anything with it. Ai hndlr is built only by using html, css, and javascript. 

If you do not have a website we can build one for you and insert Ai hndlr to it. Also we can customize your Ai tools and set it up for you and remove any related branding, to make it fully yours.

The current version, yes, but soon will offer a verity of codes.

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