You have until May 8 to secure Verizon’s 5-year price guarantee on Internet services

Pinching a few cents is always a good decision, especially when you can do it automatically And on a frequent basis. If you have one High monthly internet bill and want to switch to a plan that’s guaranteed to pay for itself, then this Verizon deal could be right for you. For a limited time, Verizon is offering an internet package that ensures this Cost of your service for the next 5 years. To further encourage you to take advantage of this amazing deal, Verizon is also giving away a Target gift card worth up to $200 if you sign up no later than May 8th.

This 5-year price guarantee offer from Verizon applies to all 5G Home plans, but there are some differences between what you get with these plans. All 5-Year Price Guarantee Plans are specifically applicable to new Verizon Home Internet (VHI) subscribers who have not purchased or subscribed to a VHI plan in the last 90 days.

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Verizon offers the 5G Home plan for just $35 per month. To get this low price, you’ll need to sign up for autopay with Verizon and bundle your internet service with one of their 5G Ultra Wideband wireless plans. Anyone who doesn’t sign up for these extras will pay $60 per month. With this deal you get high-speed internet downloads, a wireless router, 1080p HD video streaming, and the same price on your bill for a full 5 years.

If you need a little more premium service, you can sign up for Verizon’s 5G Home Plus plan, which starts at just $45 if you meet certain requirements. To receive the full discount, you must bundle your internet service with a Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband wireless plan and sign up for autopay. Otherwise, the plan costs $80 per month. This internet plan offers high-speed internet downloads, a wireless router and whole-house WiFi, 1080p HD video streaming, and the same price on your internet bill for the next 5 years. Verizon is offering 5G Home Plus subscribers a $200 Target gift card or a free Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

To find out if this deal is right for you, check the availability of Verizon Home Internet in your area. Residents of the Baltimore, MD, Pittsburgh, PA, Cleveland, OH or Greenville, SC metropolitan areas are not eligible to enroll in any of these offers or their corresponding discounts. Remember, you have until May 8th to sign up for this offer. So be quick if you’re looking for a new internet service provider.

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