Watch a Waymo driverless car speeding down a highway – video

Watch a Waymo driverless car speed down a highway

Speaker 1: This is an exclusive first look at a Waymo driverless car navigating a highway in Phoenix. You can see it go off the ramp, merge into traffic, and then change lanes without a driver behind the wheel. It’s part of Waymo’s mission to bring driverless ridesharing to more cities and streets. Currently, anyone in San Francisco, Phoenix and Los Angeles can hail a ride using the Waymo One app, but they can’t drive on freeways or interstates yet. The company is currently testing this new feature with employees before eventually releasing it to the public. Waymo reduced the value [00:00:30] on self-driving truck plans last year and said it would double the Waymo One. Instead, the company noted that its ongoing investments in further developing Waymo’s driving capabilities, particularly on the highway, will have a direct impact on trucking. Waymo uses a series of sensors to navigate streets without a driver and detect approaching pedestrians or nearby cyclists. Speaker 1: I rode a Waymo for the first time last May, and it did an impressive job navigating San Francisco’s winding streets and four-way stops. It feels real [00:01:00] Like there’s someone in the driver’s seat looking around to make sure everyone is doing what they need to do. And as unsettling as it is to see a steering wheel turning on its own, I felt safe and secure the entire time. Sometimes you don’t always want to talk to someone. This is good for the lenders. The company is now testing driving on the highway. It’s about getting employee feedback to make the experience more enjoyable. Waymo, for example, worked to make transitions off the ramp as smooth as possible. This includes mastering acceleration and deceleration as well as recognizing foreign objects on the road. It is also [00:01:30] Incorporating ambient music into the vehicle is intended to offset the eerie silence of electric vehicles, which can feel amplified at higher speeds. Speaker 1: The path to realizing self-driving cars has not been without problems. In February, a Waymo car collided with a cyclist in San Francisco, and the company recalled the software that powers its cars. earlier this year after two of his vehicles were towed by a pickup truck in Phoenix. Waymo has updated its software to fix the problem. Competitor Cruz was suspended indefinitely after one of these in California [00:02:00] His self-driving cars hit a pedestrian walking by. So when a company like Waymo introduces a new feature like highway driving, it’s important to sort out any issues before welcoming the public because once you’re on board, there’s no one to talk to. How is your day? Oh, that’s right. Nobody is there.

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