These are the upcoming Sonos Ace wireless headphones

There’s a lot going on with Sonos’ first pair of wireless headphones. CEO Patrick Spence expressed confidence that it will be a new product category a huge sales driver for his company after Sonos faced declining demand for its speakers. The headphones are expected to ship next month, but today we’re getting our first look at the hardware design – and now we know what they’ll be called.

You’re looking at the Sonos Ace headphones. These images were released ahead of schedule by authorized Sonos parts dealer Schuurman. The main image shows a few buttons on both earcups, a toggle switch of sorts, and a premium build to match headphones expected to cost around $450. The Schuurman website lists a price of 403.58 euros, which is just over $430. So the rumored cost seems to be spot on.

The headphones come with both a headphone cable and a USB-C cable. But what is that tiny black thing under the case? Hmmm…
Image: Schuurman

The Ace name is visible on this page. And as further confirmation this Sonos subreddit has spotted an early mention of it on the company’s own website, where a message about pre-ordering the yet-to-be-announced product appears in the search bar. (Nice catch, Rogueoner29.) Want more proof? The URL currently redirects to the Sonos homepage. And Bloomberg has reported that “Duke” in the product description is the code name of the headphones. In short, there is little reason to doubt the authenticity of these images.

It looks like the earpads will be replaceable, which is always nice.
Image: Schuurman

The Sonos Ace headphones offer tight integration into the company’s overall home audio system. For example, owners of Sonos soundbars can listen to TV audio through the headphones. Leveraging this ecosystem will be a key differentiator, but big questions still remain. Can Sonos really compete with Apple, Sony, Sennheiser and other high-end headphone makers when it comes to overall sound quality and features like active noise cancellation?

The design of the Roam 2 looks largely unchanged.
Image: Schuurman

Schuurman’s website also lists a Sonos Roam 2, another new product that the company is rumored to launch sometime in the coming months. The original Roam was Sonos’ first truly portable speaker that you can take anywhere, but some consumers have complained about battery issues with extended use since its release in 2021. Not much can be deduced from this image, as the design of the Roam 2 is basically identical to the first generation speaker.

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