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According to Sky News, the Chinese state hacked the Ministry of Defense.

MPs will be informed today of a massive data breach relating to the Ministry of Defensetargeted service personnel.

The government will not name the country affected, but Sky News understands this is the case China.

The Chinese state is accused of two or three hacker attacks on Defense Ministry employees, including personnel.

The cyberattack targeted a payroll system with current military personnel and some veterans. Above all, names and bank details are disclosed.

All salaries will be paid this month.

China’s Foreign Ministry said it “strongly opposes and combats any form of cyber attacks” and “refuses to use this issue politically to defame other countries.”

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China: Hacking allegations “absurd”

Tobias Ellwood, a Conservative MP and former soldier, told Sky News that China is “probably targeting the financially vulnerable with the intention of forcing them to cash”.

Defense Secretary Grant Shapps will make a statement to the House of Commons today. The BBC reported that he would present a “multi-point plan” that would include measures to protect affected military men and women.

The Ministry of Defense hopes that service personnel will not worry about their safety. You will receive advice and support.

The contractor system is not connected to the Department of Defense’s main computer systems and has been shut down due to an initiated review.

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Grant Shapps
Defense Secretary Grant Shapps is expected to make a statement tomorrow. Image: House of Commons

The Defense Department has been working intensively over the past 72 hours to understand the extent of the hack after it was discovered in recent days.

It is understood that investigations have not yet revealed any data collection.

This could raise questions about whether other countries with difficult relations with China would want to share sensitive intelligence information with the UK.

This comes less than two months after China’s “state actors” were blamed by the government for two “malicious” cyberattack campaigns in the UK.

Government Minister Mel Stride told Sky News on Tuesday morning that China was “an epochal challenge” and “our eyes are wide open” – citing the integrated review of the UK’s national security and international policies completed in 2021.

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Defense Department “acted quickly” over data breach.

He wouldn’t confirm whether China was the country that hacked the Defense Ministry, but said Britain needed to “find the right balance” with Beijing.

Mr Stride added: “By balance I mean protecting our security. At the same time, of course, I recognize that China is a very important economic player worldwide, and of course when major global challenges like climate change come, China has to be off the table if we want to solve those too.”

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden gave a speech in the House of Commons in March revealed the two previous incidents These included an attack on the Electoral Commission – which is responsible for overseeing elections and political finances – in 2021, as well as targeted attacks against China-sceptic MPs.

Labour’s shadow defense secretary John Healey said there were “so many serious questions for the defense secretary on this issue, particularly from members of the armed forces whose data has been targeted”.

He added: “Such hostile action is completely unacceptable.”

“Parliament awaits a full statement from the House of Commons tomorrow.”

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a Conservative MP and former soldier who was sanctioned by China, told Sky News: “This is another example of why the British government must admit that China poses a systemic threat to the UK , and the integrated review needs to change.” reflect this.

“No more pretext, it is a malicious actor supporting Russia with money and military equipment and collaborating with Iran and North Korea in a new axis of totalitarian states.”

Mr Ellwood said: “We are learning the hard way how art warfare is changing rapidly with technological advances.”

“Defending the digital terrain has become just as important as the physical one – this is another reminder of why we need to invest more in defense and security.”

“The targeted analysis of MoD payslips and banking data was likely intended to target the financially vulnerable, with the prospect that they could be squeezed in exchange for cash.

“And if this type of cyberattack takes place here in the UK, we can expect other NATO countries to also be targeted.”

Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently on a trip to Europe.  Image: Reuters
Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently on a trip to Europe. Image: Reuters

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Xi Jinping, China’s president, is currently on tour in Europe – although he has no plans to visit the UK.

He spent Monday in Paris and will travel to the Pyrenees with French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday.

He will then visit Serbia on Wednesday and Hungary on Thursday – both countries that are on friendly terms with Beijing.

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