Samsung announces new entry-level OLED TVs – likely with LG panels inside

In its quest to capture a slice of the OLED TV market, Samsung has so far focused on the premium end with impressive QD-OLED models. But today Samsung announced this Entry level model S85D Series of OLED TVs and brings the fight to LG Electronics at lower prices too.

And here’s the interesting thing: these sets almost certainly contain OLED panels from LG Display. Samsung has placed a large order last year for them to help meet production needs and create a business alliance that would have been unthinkable in the not-so-distant past.

The S85D is available in 55-inch ($1,699.99), 65-inch ($2,099.99) and 77-inch ($3,399.99) sizes – and you’re bound to be able to snag it for less once retailers start stocking it to discount.

Digital trends asked Samsung on the origins of the panels in its entry-level OLED TVs and the company did not respond with an answer, saying: “Samsung OLED TVs consistently deliver a premium experience while delivering excellent viewing performance, powered by our NQ4 AI Gen2 processor will, regardless of the specific panels that are integrated into the product.”

Therefore, Samsung suggests that it doesn’t matter who makes the panels, as you’ll get the same upscaling and image processing benefits that the higher-end QD-OLEDs offer. This also means that, unlike LG’s OLED family, these TVs, as usual, do not offer Dolby Vision support. But hey, there’s at least a native Xbox cloud gaming app on Samsung’s Tizen OS platform, something LG can’t claim (yet). And all four HDMI ports can reach 120Hz; I’m glad this is finally becoming standard on TVs in this price range.

However, there is no mention of the quantum dot color in these models. Instead, Samsung emphasizes that they offer “Pantone validated colors” as well as “pure black and bright white.” It certainly sounds like the company is using traditional WOLED panels on the S85D to achieve the desired price points.

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