Keep your jewelry safe and secure in the best jewelry boxes.

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Image of the giant leather jewelry box from Kendal

Kendal huge leather jewelry box

Best large jewelry box

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Image of Songmics 6 LED Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Songmics 6 LEDs Mirror Jewelry Cabinet

Best hanging jewelry box

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Image of Songmics lockable jewelry cabinet with mirror

Songmics lockable jewelry cabinet with mirror

Best small hanging jewelry box

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Image of a medium sized princess style jewelry box from Vlando

Vlando medium size princess style jewelry box

Best jewelry box for girls

Jewelry can be significant (and expensive), so it’s important to have a safe place to store it. Whether it’s pearls or other fine jewelry you inherited from your grandma or the faux jewels you bought for a party, you want to keep your jewelry safe. As a child, I remember my mother having a traditional jewelry box for all of her favorite pieces, including inexpensive costume jewelry and valuable items. Although they weren’t all expensive, she valued each one because it was important to her.

If you want to store jewelry, a good jewelry box or organizer is a good option. A jewelry organizer helps ensure you don’t lose any of your favorite pieces. When it comes to jewelry that goes missing, earrings and rings are often the most common items that go missing. Necklaces on chains also get tangled easily and can cause damage. A jewelry holder can solve many of these problems. A jewelry box is a practical and safe place to store jewelry without losing or damaging it.

When choosing the best jewelry box, you want to be sure that you choose a design that meets your jewelry storage needs. To find the best jewelry organizers for you, I put together this list of the best options on the market. After hours of researching and testing a wide range of jewelry boxes, I have included jewelry boxes in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. Below I have compiled my top 5 picks for the best jewelry boxes of 2024.


This amazing jewelry box from Vlando features eight hanging wings attached to a fold-out necklace cabinet, as well as two storage pockets for dangling jewelry. The jewelry box also features drawers to store bracelets and ring grooves to store all your favorite pieces. At the top of the jewelry box there are slots in which other accessories can be stored. This jewelry box is a good choice for people with larger collections as it offers the ability to store various items properly.


If you need storage for a large collection that is durable and looks great, then the Kendal leather jewelry is the ideal choice to keep everything safe. Inside this PU leather box there is a large glass mirror and hand-lined suede fabric. There are five removable drawers of varying sizes, including deep and multi-section compartments. If you want swing cabinets, you can get them with eight handles and pockets on each side. It fastens with snaps and a clasp; And if you want to take it with you, the handle is right on top.


Not everyone has space to put a jewelry box on the dressing table. This is where a hanging jewelry organizer comes into play. This hanging organizer can be hung directly on your door and features a cabinet with six LED lights so you can admire your collection. This organizer holds 90 earring slots, 48 ​​stud holes, a bracelet bar, 32 necklace hooks and more. You can get this cabinet in five colors: white, brown, gray, rustic blue and rustic brown. And it’s ideal for anyone with an extensive collection.


While hanging jewelry cabinets are certainly practical, the larger versions can sometimes be a bit much. This one can do everything any other cabinet can do – just smaller. The front part of the cabinet features a huge mirror and inside there are two large storage compartments, 60 ring holes and more. Although this jewelry organizer cannot hang freely without installation, you can set it up in a snap with two mounting screws to keep all your jewelry organized and safe.


Sometimes young girls also want to help protect their jewelry. This Vlando jewelry box is available in four colors: blue, pink, purple and green. Inside this box there is a small mirror with ring holder, a smaller compartment for necklaces and four individual compartments for other pieces. The bottom half has two drawers and can be easily taken anywhere.

Other jewelry boxes I liked

Songmics 360° rotating jewelry cabinet: This 360 degree rotating jewelry cabinet is not only great for large collections, but also for people who want to move around comfortably. You will receive this space-saving cabinet with 10 compartments in three different colors: brown, rustic brown and white.

JS Nova Juns watch box: Jewelry boxes aren’t just for women. There are options for men too. This watch box can hold multiple watches, sunglasses, cufflinks and rings, all protected with velvet cushions.

How I Chose the Best Jewelry Boxes

Given that people look for a variety of things in a jewelry box, I took the time to research four categories: price, material, style, and size. The prices for all of these jewelry boxes range from affordable to luxurious and everything in between, ensuring that people on any budget can get one. When it comes to jewelry boxes, the material is important because some people want security, especially if the pieces you have are very expensive. And style is an important factor because no one should have to sacrifice style over functionality. Finally, size is crucial to ensure that what you have has its own space, but still has enough room for additional items that you acquire over time. With these four categories in mind, I have put together a comprehensive list that is suitable for as many people as possible.

Frequently asked questions about jewelry boxes

What’s in a jewelry box?

You can store virtually any type of jewelry in a jewelry box. But depending on what you buy, you’ll find dedicated compartments inside for certain items, including hoop earrings, bracelets, and more. You can also store important documents in your jewelry box, but it’s also perfectly fine to use it just for jewelry.

Should I store my jewelry in a jewelry box?

If you have a large amount of jewelry and don’t use a jewelry box, you should definitely use one. Storing your jewelry safely not only protects it from harmful liquids, but also other elements that could deform or damage your jewelry.

How do you organize your jewelry?

While there are many ways to organize your jewelry, one of the easiest ways is to keep the original box or bag that your jewelry came in and store that in the box. If you don’t want to do that, you need to be careful to organize everything so that the pieces don’t get tangled.

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