Jack Dorsey says he is no longer on the Bluesky board

It sounds like Bluesky’s most prominent supporter is no longer on the board.

On Saturday, Jack Dorsey posted on X about open protocol grants as part of his philanthropic Start Small initiative. This prompted someone to ask Dorsey if he was still on the Bluesky board, and he replied with a curt “No.” Dorsey did not respond to any of the follow-up posts asking him to explain his departure.

It’s not clear when Dorsey left the board; from Sunday morning, Bluesky’s Corporate FAQ still identifies him as a board member. We have asked the company for confirmation.

Dorsey first announced Bluesky in 2019, then CEO of Twitter. He wrote that Twitter (now X) is “funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers and designers to develop an open and decentralized social media standard.”

Since then, Bluesky has evolved into an independent nonprofit company led by CEO Jay Graber. with VC supportand it open to the general public in February.

Dorsey appears to have deleted his Bluesky account sometime last year, although his departure was only confirmed by one at the time a few social media posts. (He also has deleted his Instagram account.) Nevertheless he stayed the biggest name associated with the project.

Back at X, Dorsey had a pretty active weekend. Not only does he publish company news, but also commented on the conflict between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, unfollowed almost every other accountAnd Posted“Don’t rely on companies to give you rights.” Defend them yourself with freedom technology. (You’re on one)”

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