Google is changing the way you set up 2FA

Google streamlines this Setup process Two-factor authentication (2FA). Instead of first entering your phone number to enable 2FA, you can now add a “second step method” to your account, such as: B. an authenticator app or a hardware security key to set things up.

This should make activating 2FA safer as it allows you to avoid the less secure SMS verification. You can enter a time-based one-time passcode through apps like Google Authenticator or follow the steps to link a hardware security key.

Google offers two ways to associate a security key, including by registering a FIDO1 credential record on the hardware key or by assigning a passkey to one. If you have a Workspace account linked to an organization and want to use a passkey, you may still need to sign in with a password, depending on your organization’s settings.

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