Egypt’s fintech Swypex secures $4 million seed funding round led by Accel

– Swypex is launching a revolutionary financial platform for businesses after securing $4 million in seed funding led by Accel.

– Licensed by the Central Bank of Egypt, the platform aims to streamline financial operations and increase efficiency for businesses in the region.

– Swypex’s comprehensive product range, including payment processing, invoice management and corporate card services, aims to address businesses’ key pain points and deliver significant efficiencies.

Swypex, backed by a $4 million seed investment round led by accelerationannounces its official launch.

Licensed by the Central Bank of Egypt, Swypex is the region’s first comprehensive platform designed to streamline financial operations and unlock the full potential of businesses.

This investment marks Accel’s first foray into the fintech industry in the region, with participation from Foundation Ventures, The Raba Partnership and prominent angel investors.

Swypex consolidates payment processing, invoice management and corporate card services on a unified platform. Their range of products simplifies financial management and enables companies to automate workflows and enable seamless payments.

Swypex corporate cards are tailored specifically for Egyptian businesses and aim to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and promote scalable growth.

In a landscape where 3.8 million companies struggle with complex financial systems, Swypex is proving to be a game-changer. By addressing the challenges of disjointed financial processes and combating employee fraud, Swypex joins the Central Bank of Egypt’s initiatives to digitize payments and drive financial innovation.

Ahmad Mokhtar, CEO of Swypex, emphasizes the platform’s commitment to empowering Egyptian businesses. He explains: “Swypex is committed to providing companies with the efficiency and growth they deserve. By offering the most powerful corporate card in Egypt alongside our comprehensive financial platform, we aim to simplify financial transactions and improve financial health.”

Richard Kotite, Vice President at Accel, highlights the importance of modern fintech solutions for Egyptian companies.

He praises Swypex’s comprehensive B2B offering and underlines its potential to revolutionize financial management and drive efficiency improvements across industries.

With a team of experienced professionals from renowned technology companies such as Playstation, Spotify and Twitter, Swypex aims to redefine financial management and position itself as a competitive advantage for companies in Egypt and beyond.

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