Broadband internet services are disrupted in most parts of Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal — Broadband internet was disrupted in many parts of the country Nepal On Thursday, Indian providers, from which most Nepali private operators get bandwidth, suspended their services due to payment defaults.

Private internet service providers in Nepal issued notices saying their services were either interrupted or connections were slow. State-owned Nepal Telecom continued to provide internet services.

Two private cell phone services operating in Nepal were functioning, but their internet speeds were affected.

Private ISPs in Nepal have been unable to pay Indian providers for months as the government did not provide them with foreign exchange from banks to make the payments. The government refuses to do this until the private companies clear this Steer on specific services they offer.

The private companies claim to be exempt from such taxes.

Wlink Communications, the largest ISP in Nepal, blamed the government for the disruption.

“Our upstream provider has switched off our internal links due to non-payment,” says the Wlink announcement. “ISPs in Nepal could not transfer such payments as we could not get approval for foreign exchange from the Nepalese government.”

There was no immediate comment from the government.

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