Best cooperative board games for 2024

If you think a massive game like Gloomhaven might be too much for a week or two of vacation, an episodic narrative game like Time Stories might be more up your alley for a family game night.

Time Stories is a wonder game. Using a simple deck of cards, this cooperative board game catapults you across dimensions and space-time, taking you through beautifully designed locations and pitting you against Lovecraftian monsters – and that’s only in the first campaign.

In Time Stories, players investigate mysteries in locations ranging from ancient Egypt to zombie-infested suburbs. The stories change with your decisions, and your ability to solve the given puzzle depends on your cooperation with teammates, your problem-solving skills, and your ability to adapt to new elements that the game introduces on the fly.

Time Stories isn’t perfect: There are numerous chat forums on the Internet where fans discuss which stories are the best and which could be better balanced. Even small imbalances ultimately come down to the game’s enormous ambition, and it’s hard not to feel swept up in that ambition every time you sit down to play.

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