Apple launches Final Cut Camera app to support multicam productions

Apple is releasing a new Final Cut camera app for iPhone and iPad that can record video and stream it live to an iPad for multicam shooting, giving filmmakers more controls. The company’s new Pro-level app offers “precise manual controls” and can be used as a simple standalone camera app.

The new Final Cut camera arrives alongside the updated Final Cut 2 app, a successor to last year’s debut Final Cut for iPad. Final Cut 2 features a multiscreen view that captures and controls any connected Final Cut camera device. With Final Cut 2 you can also switch between production and editing, allowing you to edit your project live.

Final Cut camera in action.
Image: Apple

Final Cut Pro 2 with live editing.
Image: Apple

There are many similar multicam tools on Apple’s iOS platform, including the industry-popular camera app BlackMagic. However, live editing is a feature that competing apps do not currently offer.

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