Angel Reese and Cardoso’s debut was widely watched on fans’ live stream after the WNBA was unable to broadcast

The WNBA debuts of Angel Reese and Kamilla Cardoso were widely watched on a social media livestream by a fan who stepped in when the league’s app failed to broadcast the game.

Reese and Cardoso played in their first preseason game for the Chicago Sky on Friday night in a 92-81 loss to the Minnesota Lynx.

The WNBA’s app had incorrectly listed the game as available to watch, causing confusion among fans before the league clarified that only Caitlin Clark’s Indiana Fever debut was being broadcast.

Then @heyheyitsalli joined X.

“Would you all want me to try streaming the game here??” The X user asked: “No promises of quality, but I can try.”

Viewership on the livestream has fluctuated, but as of Saturday, the video received about 434,000 total views. The X user previously posted a screenshot showing the stream peaked at 173,381 live viewers.

“Y’all these are some of the WILDEST numbers WOW,” the user tweeted.

Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve was asked about the stream after the game. She said @heyheyitsalli makes “three dollars” per viewer.

“Anyone who saw it should send three dollars to the person, I don’t even know who it is,” Reeve said. “I guess what I would say is that the growth is so fast. It has accelerated so much. And I’ve said this in our own organization – that business as usual will no longer work.

“You will be left behind and this is an example.”

Reeve said she understands Clark’s game would be broadcast and is “all for it.”

“People want to see this, but they also want to see that it’s not just about Caitlin,” Reeve said. “This is in no way Caitlin’s fault. It’s more, you know, the realization that there’s a general excitement about the WNBA like we’ve never seen before. And that’s why we need to capitalize on really making sure that this is a movement.”

Reese finished the game with 13 points and nine rebounds in 24 minutes. Cardoso had six points and four rebounds in 13 minutes.

Sky coach Teresa Weatherspoon said she was pleased with the rookies’ debuts.

“This is a learning process for all of us. … And we are going through this process the right way,” she said. “We got our leaders to lead them and pull them along.” So they stay confident. That’s what counts. So we’re in a great place and they’re in a damn great place.”



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