According to Nintendo, Switch 2 will be officially announced before April next year

After many rumors about it Switch 2, Nintendo has given its clearest signal yet that another console is coming. The company promised to announce the successor to the seven-year-old Nintendo Switch next year.

The news comes after Nintendo reported financial results for its most recent fiscal year, which ended March 31 An entry On

Nintendo hasn’t released any further details about the console or whether it will retain the Switch’s branding. The only hint of a timeline came in the rest of Furukawa’s post, which pointed out that it had been nine years since March 2015 and the initial release of the original Switch, which was then released two years later.

Furukawa also noted that no further details will be revealed in the next Nintendo Direct product presentation, which is scheduled for June and will cover some games coming to Switch in the second half of 2024.

Look at that: According to Nintendo, Switch 2 will be officially announced within the fiscal year

There were no details about the new console hidden in the financial results report, which still painted a picture of the Switch in its declining days. Although hardware sales fell 12.6% year over year, 15.7 million units were still sold and “sales are stable for a platform in its eighth year of launch,” the report said.

What was also interesting was that Nintendo’s intellectual property business recorded rapid growth of 81.6%, largely thanks to the success of the Super Mario Bros. movie. Given that Nintendo confirmed this back in November With a live-action Legend of Zelda film in the works, this appears to be a growth area for the company.

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