Zetta Technologies Secures $1.5 Million Investment to Propel Innovation in DaaS

Core Vision Investment Leads Pre-Seed Round, Elevating Zetta’s Growth Trajectory

Zetta Technologies, a leading provider of Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions, has successfully closed a $1.5 million investment in a pre-seed round led by Core Vision Investment. This milestone marks a significant stride for Zetta’s expansion and innovation within the tech industry.

Revolutionizing Device Management with DaaS

Zetta Technologies specializes in offering subscription-based tech services with flexible payment plans, catering primarily to the needs of large organizations and companies. By providing top-tier solutions from global brands, Zetta enables clients to optimize device usage while streamlining costs and maximizing efficiency.

Fueling Growth and Technological Advancement

Badriya Nasser, CEO of Zetta Technologies, expressed excitement about the investment, stating, “This infusion of capital will fuel our growth trajectory, broaden our product portfolio, bolster our technological capabilities, and fortify our foothold in the DaaS market.” The investment serves as a catalyst for Zetta’s expansion plans, driving innovation and enhancing service offerings.

Confidence in Vision and Potential

The partnership with Core Vision Investment signifies a vote of confidence in Zetta’s vision and potential for success in the DaaS market. Core Vision Investment is renowned for supporting high-potential startups and fostering innovation, making them an ideal partner for Zetta’s growth journey.

A Trailblazer in DaaS Innovation

Committed to leveraging the investment to drive innovation and provide unparalleled value to clients and partners, Zetta Technologies stands as a trailblazer in the DaaS landscape. The collaboration with Core Vision Investment reinforces Zetta’s position as a leader in revolutionizing device management solutions.

Core Vision Investment’s Commitment to Innovation

Core Vision Investment’s leadership in the pre-seed round reflects its dedication to nurturing promising startups and fostering innovation. By backing Zetta Technologies, Core Vision Investment reinforces its reputation as a prominent figure in the investment realm, supporting initiatives that drive technological advancement and industry disruption.


Zetta Technologies’ successful $1.5 million investment round, led by Core Vision Investment, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and growth in the DaaS sector. With a focus on providing exceptional value and service to clients, Zetta is poised to expand its reach and solidify its position as a leader in revolutionizing device management solutions. The partnership with Core Vision Investment further accelerates Zetta’s journey towards technological advancement and industry leadership, paving the way for a future of innovation and success in the tech industry.

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