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Tali Ventures: Accelerating Digital Transformation Through Strategic Investments

stc Group, a prominent enabler of digital transformation, has unveiled its venture capital arm, Tali Ventures, signaling a bold step towards fostering growth and innovation. Tali Ventures is poised to invest in cutting-edge technologies and emerging companies that align with stc Group’s strategic objectives, driving value creation through the adoption of innovative technologies and business models.

Driving Innovation Through Strategic Investments

Tali Ventures has initiated investments in several promising projects, including Nile, Rawaa, and NairPay. Nile specializes in network equipment solutions, while Rawaa focuses on inventory management, and NairPay offers digital payment solutions. These investments underscore stc Group’s commitment to catalyzing digital transformation by strategically investing in sectors that contribute to sustainable growth. Collaborations with renowned global investment funds like Sanabil Fund and Prosperity7 further amplify Tali Ventures’ impact on pioneering projects.

Investing Across Diverse Digital Sectors

The Tali Ventures Fund targets emerging projects in both initial and advanced stages, with a keen focus on various fields such as artificial intelligence, financial technologies, information and communications technology (ICT), cloud services, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and other digital sectors. By diversifying its investment portfolio, Tali Ventures aims to drive innovation across multiple domains, positioning stc Group as a leader in the digital landscape.

Continuation of stc Group’s Entrepreneurial Support

The launch of Tali Ventures builds upon stc Group’s longstanding commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and digital projects. Initiatives like inspireU have incubated and nurtured over 100 startup projects, graduating 10 batches of successful ventures. Additionally, investment funds like STV and stc Ventures have played pivotal roles in backing numerous successful projects across the region, contributing to national economic growth and diversification in alignment with stc’s “Tgarََa” strategy.

Conclusion: Pioneering Digital Transformation

Tali Ventures represents a significant milestone in stc Group’s journey towards driving digital transformation and innovation. By strategically investing in emerging technologies and forward-thinking companies, Tali Ventures propels stc Group’s mission to create sustainable value and shape the future of digital ecosystems. As Tali Ventures continues to identify and support groundbreaking projects, it reinforces stc Group’s position as a catalyst for innovation and a driving force in shaping the digital landscape of tomorrow.

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