Investcorp Ignites Growth: A $130 Million Pre-IPO Investment in Salla

In the pulsating heart of Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning tech landscape, Investcorp, a global alternative investment firm, has set the stage for an electrifying development. Partnering with Sanabil Investment and STV, Investcorp has orchestrated a landmark $130 million pre-IPO investment in Salla, a trailblazing SaaS e-commerce platform. This strategic collaboration underscores the boundless potential of Salla to redefine the e-commerce landscape not only in Saudi Arabia but also beyond its borders.

Empowering Saudi Arabia’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The Genesis of Salla

Founded in 2016 against the backdrop of Makkah’s vibrant energy, Salla emerged with a mission to empower Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneurial spirit. The brainchild of Nawaf Hariri and Salman Butt, Salla swiftly became a catalyst for SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs, offering them a bespoke SaaS solution for e-commerce ventures. In a landscape ripe with opportunity, Salla sought to democratize access to e-commerce tools and technologies, propelling the dreams of countless visionaries.

Nurturing Growth and Innovation

Salla’s journey is a testament to the power of vision and perseverance. With a team of over 160 dedicated developers, Salla has cultivated a robust ecosystem, enabling merchants to navigate the complexities of e-commerce with ease. From website creation to payment processing and logistics integration, Salla’s platform offers a seamless end-to-end solution, empowering merchants to focus on what they do best – building their businesses.

Pioneering Investments: Investcorp’s Strategic Vision

Unveiling the Investment

Investcorp’s foray into Salla marks a pivotal moment in Saudi Arabia’s tech evolution. Through the Investcorp Saudi Pre-IPO Growth Fund LP, the firm has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to fueling innovation and driving growth in the region. Robin Mansour, Principal at Investcorp, is poised to lend his expertise to Salla’s Board of Directors, steering the company towards new horizons of success.

Fostering Ecosystem Growth

Walid Majdalani, Head of Emerging Markets Private Equity at Investcorp, echoes the sentiment of optimism surrounding Salla’s future. As SMEs continue to flourish in Saudi Arabia, Salla’s role in nurturing the e-commerce ecosystem becomes increasingly indispensable. Investcorp’s investment signifies more than just financial backing; it is a vote of confidence in Salla’s ability to shape the future of e-commerce in the region and beyond.

Looking Towards the Future

A Testament to Collaboration and Innovation

As Salla embarks on the next phase of its journey, the investment from Investcorp, Sanabil Investment, and STV serves as a beacon of hope and possibility. Nawaf Hariri, CEO and co-founder of Salla, expresses profound gratitude for the faith vested in the company’s vision. With Investcorp’s support, Salla is poised to transcend boundaries, unlocking new opportunities for individuals, SMEs, and enterprises alike.

A Legacy of Transformation

Investcorp’s involvement in pre-IPO funding rounds is emblematic of its commitment to driving meaningful change in the tech landscape. From TruKKer to NourNet, Investcorp continues to catalyze innovation and foster entrepreneurship across the MENA region. With Salla, Investcorp adds another chapter to its legacy of transformation, propelling Saudi Arabia towards a future defined by innovation, inclusivity, and boundless possibilities.

In the tapestry of Saudi Arabia’s tech renaissance, Investcorp’s investment in Salla stands as a vibrant thread, weaving together dreams and aspirations into a fabric of progress and prosperity. As Salla’s journey unfolds, one thing remains abundantly clear – the future of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia has never looked brighter.

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