The Mischievous Squasc: A Furry Prankster from Lombardy

In the folklore of Eastern Lombardy, a charming and mischievous creature known as the squasc holds a special place. This mythical being, pronounced as [skwaʃ], has captured the imaginations of locals with its peculiar appearance and playful nature. Described as small and covered in tawny hair, the squasc resembles a squirrel, albeit without a tail. Its distinctive feature is its anthropomorphic face, endowing it with a human-like countenance that adds to its enigmatic allure. Local lore weaves tales of encounters with the squasc, creating a vivid picture of this captivating creature.


The squasc embodies a duality of nature that both perplexes and fascinates. On one hand, it shares similarities with dark spirits such as the boogeyman or Blackman, as it is often summoned to frighten children. It is said that parents and elders would invoke the squasc’s name to keep their young ones in line, warning them of the consequences of misbehaving. The mere mention of the squasc was enough to instill fear and obedience, ensuring that the children stayed on their best behavior.

However, the squasc’s mischievous inclinations also align it with the whimsical nature of elves and imps. Rather than causing harm or instilling fear, the squasc revels in playing tricks on unsuspecting individuals, especially young girls. It is known to hide belongings, rearrange objects, and create mild chaos for the sake of amusement. While its pranks can be frustrating, they are generally harmless and serve as a reminder not to take life too seriously.

Local legends and anecdotes surrounding the squasc depict encounters filled with laughter and confusion. Tales of giggling echoes, disappearing items, and perplexing situations are often attributed to the antics of this furry prankster. It is believed that the squasc’s presence brings an air of spontaneity and lightheartedness to otherwise ordinary moments, reminding people to embrace the unexpected and find joy in life’s little surprises.

The origin of the squasc’s name and its place in Lombardic folklore remain subjects of speculation. Its presence, however, serves as a testament to the enduring power of mythology and the rich tapestry of local traditions. The squasc represents a link to the mystical realm, a bridge between the mundane and the extraordinary.

So, the next time you find yourself in Eastern Lombardy, keep your eyes peeled for the mischievous squasc. Embrace the unexpected, for you might just find yourself caught in its playful pranks and experiencing moments of pure enchantment.

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